The joys of an over 40 parent


The decision to have a child for older parents is more of a choice than an expectation or an obligation. And contrary to most people’s belief, older parents can be great parents. Here are some reasons why some parents choice to have a child when they’re over 40.

All Grown Up

Older have seen it all and already had the time of their lives, that a child is a happy addition to the family. Unlike younger parents, they are more focused on parenting. Younger parents have the tendency to be distracted by their feeling of missing out on something great in life because of their child. Sometimes, they even resent the child because the child can tie them down and prevent them from having a “good time”. A research study showed that the more children younger parents have their satisfaction decreases but it is the opposite for older parents. They are more satisfied with more children.

Financially Secure

Since they’ve already worked enough to be stable in their profession, they are financially stable. They are also allowed flexible work schedules which give them more time to spend with their child. Their age actually is an advantage to their ability to be good providers for their child.

Stable in Relationships

Older parents can provide the child with constant and stable parental figures given the length of their marriage. Their stable long-term relationship is built on their ability to handle conflicts with proper communication, compromise and grace.

More in the Moment

Given the stability and security of their lives, older parents can devote more time to their child. Also, with their age they tend to appreciate life more, thus, they exert more effort to be in the moment with their child (missed opportunities is not a luxury they can afford). Older parents are less distracted, that’s why they can freely enjoy the time they spend with their child.

It’s never too late to throw a birthday bash


It’s never too late to send out formal invitations for a birthday party regardless of your age. The trend for adult birthday parties is back again. With money to burn, the over-21 crowd relives the thrill of a birthday bash. Complete with gifts and goodie bags.


Adults will usually choose venues where their guest can have time to interact with each other. The ideal venue for the party is a laid-back place that is spacious enough for the planned celebration. Though they go for an elaborate and fun celebration, comfort is still a factor to the party’s location. The most common places booked for such an occasion are basketball gyms, family centers, bowling alleys, miniature golf courses, and laser tag centers.


Some venues will offer an organized party depending on the rental. Usually, the party may last for 2-4 hours, it can be exclusive or shared. Exclusive venues are better for the guests to relax and interact with each other. It will give everyone the time to enjoy the activities and amenities of the venue.

Activities that adults will enjoy include games, tournaments, demonstrations, and bingo. Usually, these are reminiscent of their younger years when mom and dad would exert extra effort to ensure everyone enjoys the birthday entertainment provided by clowns or magicians.


Although the trend is a child’s party, adults will not enjoy kid’s party food. Some venues will provide an option of food packages during a party. Others will provide a bar with a gourmet buffet and there are those who will allow food in their facility but will prohibit alcohol. The common package is pizza and soda though some can provide pasta and wine.

Adult birthday parties are viewed by some venue managers as a way for people to reconnect with their inner child; to once again feel the thrill of a celebration where everything is all about fun and excitement.

A celebration for your 40th birthday


Contrary to popular belief, turning 40 is something you should not dread. In fact, it’s worthy of a celebration for the precious life you’ve been blessed with. You may have a few more lines on your face but at least, your bank account has a few more zeroes too.  All these only mean one thing: PARTY!

Back in your younger years, your parents spent for the party and invited most of the guests. But now that you have the money for it, you can choose the way you celebrate your party and invite those you are fond of. At this stage of your life, the friends you’re surrounded with are those who have proven their worth over the years as you weathered storms of life together.

When you’re 40, you’ve got less to prove and more to be proud of. The fun in your 50th birthday bash is something that you will really enjoy. Just give the younger guests time to warm up. They might just feel obliged at first and seem uninterested, but once the music starts and the dance floor gets packed with all your friends dancing their heart out, these youngsters will soon join in the fun of your party.

Some people choose to celebrate their 40th year with a monthly event for a whole year.  Monthly birthday activities may include but not limited to beauty treatments, mini-concerts or diving. While others, on the other hand, tend to stick to a more traditional party, where they throw a one-time birthday.

Remember, the key to celebrating your 40th birthday is to make it a celebration of “YOU”. It does not matter where you celebrate the party or who shows up, as long as it reflects the life you lead and the happiness with you, then the celebration is truly worth it.




Games for Adult Birthday Party

Beautiful girl smiling and covered with balloons in a birthday party

One great way to energize and add fun into a birthday party is to have games. But just like a kid’s party, you can also organize games in an adult birthday party. This can also be a day when the birthday celebrant as well as the guests will not to be reminded of their advancing age. We exist on this world for a fun time not a long time. Thus, we should make the most of it by celebrating our milestones reached. Whether the celebrant is 18 or 50 years old, having games is an excellent way to have fun.

First, you have to select the theme for the party as it sets the tone for the whole party. Then, take into consideration your guests, their age, and how many will attend. But whatever their ages are, your main goal here is for everyone to have fun and the best way to do that is to include some funny games.

After choosing the theme and the appropriate games, it’s time to plan your party around it. Some of the important things that you have to look into are the invitations, decorations, and the food, which can all be prepared with the party game in mind. It is essential to have planning beforehand. In doing so, enlist the help of others to get more ideas.

While it can be quite simple to add fun adult birthday games, plan it carefully.  Here are the following factors that you have to consider:

  • Number of guests
  • Ages of guests
  • The Venue
  • Time available for the party

 In planning the adult birthday party, make use of your imagination and creativity. It might start with a fun theme idea. Then, build the other factors based on the theme. Don’t forget the pleasant menu, cheerful decorations, and engaging entertainment. All of these will contribute to have a successful adult birthday party.


Adult Birthday Party Suggestions Based on One’s Personality

Just like the kids, adults love to have a party in honor of their birth date too. It is an important occasion that is meant to be shared with loved ones and for adults, such occasion is more about bringing family and friends together. But like any other party, a birthday party for adults requires careful planning to make it an unforgettable moment not just for the celebrant but for the guests as well.

Adults have already defined their personalities and exactly know what they want. Personalities and preferences vary from person to person. So, when planning a birthday party for a particular adult, match the setup according to his or her personality and wants. Some people doesn’t want their birthdays to be considered as a big deal, while some are into introverted parties, and some want an intense party. In this article, we will present some suggestions when setting up an adult birthday party based on his or her personality.

There are some adults who don’t want a big fuss for their birthday. They just want to sit quietly and enjoy the serenity of their special day. With this, you may ask close friends and family to dress up to the nines and have a formal birthday celebration. In addition, try to hire a pianist and a caterer and that’s it. It would be an elegant yet serene and cozy party. It is peaceful but festive one.

For artists or the eccentric type of personality, they are usually huge fans of the odds. You may invite your friends to gather. In terms of the venue, it can be anywhere where you can all fit in, either on the rooftop or any open space. Since artists are expected to come, you can make it as a night of performances where everyone can perform. You can let the singers sing, dancers dance and painters make a portrait. Anything that portrays your friendship is okay. You can also hire a standup comedian for the shy ones. Then at the end, your turn to perform would be a god idea.

For those who are into sports, you can organize a mini sports festival along with your friends. Then, you can have a boodle fight right after in order to spice up everything. So, be sure to hire a catering service to make foods that are associated to sports.

Meanwhile, for those who love fashion and latest trends, you can emphasize that talent during a birthday party. For instance, you can ask your friends and family to dress up like Hollywood stars and have a Red Carpet party.

And for those who love dance parties, just hire a DJ, a bartender and a venue with a good dance floor. Now, you’re ready for party.

 Remember what really matter on this special day is how it makes the celebrant as well as the guests happy. Its success will not depend on the number of guests and grandeur of the party. Rather, on the memories that would surely leave a mark on the celebrant and the guests during that special day.