The joys of an over 40 parent

The joys of an over 40 parent


The decision to have a child for older parents is more of a choice than an expectation or an obligation. And contrary to most people’s belief, older parents can be great parents. Here are some reasons why some parents choice to have a child when they’re over 40.

All Grown Up

Older have seen it all and already had the time of their lives, that a child is a happy addition to the family. Unlike younger parents, they are more focused on parenting. Younger parents have the tendency to be distracted by their feeling of missing out on something great in life because of their child. Sometimes, they even resent the child because the child can tie them down and prevent them from having a “good time”. A research study showed that the more children younger parents have their satisfaction decreases but it is the opposite for older parents. They are more satisfied with more children.

Financially Secure

Since they’ve already worked enough to be stable in their profession, they are financially stable. They are also allowed flexible work schedules which give them more time to spend with their child. Their age actually is an advantage to their ability to be good providers for their child.

Stable in Relationships

Older parents can provide the child with constant and stable parental figures given the length of their marriage. Their stable long-term relationship is built on their ability to handle conflicts with proper communication, compromise and grace.

More in the Moment

Given the stability and security of their lives, older parents can devote more time to their child. Also, with their age they tend to appreciate life more, thus, they exert more effort to be in the moment with their child (missed opportunities is not a luxury they can afford). Older parents are less distracted, that’s why they can freely enjoy the time they spend with their child.