It’s never too late to throw a birthday bash


It’s never too late to send out formal invitations for a birthday party regardless of your age. The trend for adult birthday parties is back again. With money to burn, the over-21 crowd relives the thrill of a birthday bash. Complete with gifts and goodie bags.


Adults will usually choose venues where their guest can have time to interact with each other. The ideal venue for the party is a laid-back place that is spacious enough for the planned celebration. Though they go for an elaborate and fun celebration, comfort is still a factor to the party’s location. The most common places booked for such an occasion are basketball gyms, family centers, bowling alleys, miniature golf courses, and laser tag centers.


Some venues will offer an organized party depending on the rental. Usually, the party may last for 2-4 hours, it can be exclusive or shared. Exclusive venues are better for the guests to relax and interact with each other. It will give everyone the time to enjoy the activities and amenities of the venue.

Activities that adults will enjoy include games, tournaments, demonstrations, and bingo. Usually, these are reminiscent of their younger years when mom and dad would exert extra effort to ensure everyone enjoys the birthday entertainment provided by clowns or magicians.


Although the trend is a child’s party, adults will not enjoy kid’s party food. Some venues will provide an option of food packages during a party. Others will provide a bar with a gourmet buffet and there are those who will allow food in their facility but will prohibit alcohol. The common package is pizza and soda though some can provide pasta and wine.

Adult birthday parties are viewed by some venue managers as a way for people to reconnect with their inner child; to once again feel the thrill of a celebration where everything is all about fun and excitement.

Games for Adult Birthday Party

Beautiful girl smiling and covered with balloons in a birthday party

One great way to energize and add fun into a birthday party is to have games. But just like a kid’s party, you can also organize games in an adult birthday party. This can also be a day when the birthday celebrant as well as the guests will not to be reminded of their advancing age. We exist on this world for a fun time not a long time. Thus, we should make the most of it by celebrating our milestones reached. Whether the celebrant is 18 or 50 years old, having games is an excellent way to have fun.

First, you have to select the theme for the party as it sets the tone for the whole party. Then, take into consideration your guests, their age, and how many will attend. But whatever their ages are, your main goal here is for everyone to have fun and the best way to do that is to include some funny games.

After choosing the theme and the appropriate games, it’s time to plan your party around it. Some of the important things that you have to look into are the invitations, decorations, and the food, which can all be prepared with the party game in mind. It is essential to have planning beforehand. In doing so, enlist the help of others to get more ideas.

While it can be quite simple to add fun adult birthday games, plan it carefully.  Here are the following factors that you have to consider:

  • Number of guests
  • Ages of guests
  • The Venue
  • Time available for the party

 In planning the adult birthday party, make use of your imagination and creativity. It might start with a fun theme idea. Then, build the other factors based on the theme. Don’t forget the pleasant menu, cheerful decorations, and engaging entertainment. All of these will contribute to have a successful adult birthday party.


Birthday Parties for Adults 101

When it comes to planning and organizing parties for kids, it’s easy. Kids like games, they like magicians and entertainment. But when it comes to planning birthday parties for adults, it becomes a different story altogether.

Adults know what they want and they have defined personalities unlike kids who just jives into whatever it is that is going on around them. Adults have different wants. Some does not want their 40th birthday celebration to be considered a big deal, some are into intense parties and some are into introverted parties.  And so we have come into a conclusion that parties vary depending upon the personality of a person and we have distinct suggestions for every personality.

For people who does not want a big fuss, those people who just wants to sit quietly and enjoy the serenity of this special day, we suggest livening it up by asking your close friends and family to dress up to the nines and go to a formal celebration of your birthday, hire a pianist and a caterer and voila! That’s your elegant but still cozy and serene 40th birthday party! Simple yet elegant; peaceful yet festive.

As for the artists, the eccentric types and for all those who are huge fans of the odds, we suggest that you get all of your friends and invite them to gathering. The venue can be either in an open space, the rooftop or somewhere you can all fit in. Make it a night of performances. Make everyone perform. Singers can sing, dancers can dance and ask the painters and the ones who are fond of the arts to make a portrait, anything that would portray your friendship. As for the shy ones, you can hire a stand-up comedian or anyone from the group who can fend off the shyness and the awkward moments during that night. And then, right at the end, you can be the last to perform.

For sports enthusiasts and fans, you can hire a catering service who is will to make foods that are associated to sports. You can also organize a mini sports festival with your friends and then have a boodle fight right after to spice everything up.

For the ones who love fashion and just can’t resist but grab the latest gossip magazine. The one who is into the latest trends, then we suggest that you utilize that talent and ask your friends and family to dress up like Hollywood stars and have your own Red Carpet party!

Then of course, there are those Dance parties which does not involve anything complicated. Just hire the DJ, a bartender and then get a venue with a good dance floor and you are ready for your party.

See, no matter how you celebrate your 40th birthday party, it all boils down to what really made you happy. Being happy on this special day is what really matters. It does not depend on grandeur or the number of guests. It all depends on how you felt during this special day and the memories you’ve made that would surely leave a mark on this particular day.

40th Birthday Party Ideas

Ideas for a 40th birthday party

There are lots of great ideas for celebrating the BIG 4-0. Let’s start off with our top 10.

Tropical LUAU

tropical themed 40th birthday party

Celebrate 40 with the island theme.

Take your celebration to the tropical islands.40th party vegas night

Vegas Night

There’s nothing like having your friends enjoy a night of make believe. And this can be something like a Vegas party. Get some chips and cards and have a little casino night. If you really want to make it a Vegas night, why not hire a magician to do a Vegas style Magic Show!