Random Thoughts on Turning 40

Random Thoughts on Turning 40

Turning 40 is in many countries a big event in the life of a person. It is celebrated more than any other birthday and is also the event that invite the most unique and creative thoughts of the event organizer. Some say it is because it marks the age approaching midlife of the average person.

Most people will therefore have some memorable recollection of this specific birthday party, more than any other previous parties. On turning 40 people are considered to have attained most of their life goals or are firmly on the way to achieving them. Kids are approaching their late teens or early adulthood and parents are starting to have more enjoyment out of their life style.

There are many thoughts that go through the minds of the person having the BIG 40 event. Some thoughts may be the following:

  • They are realizing that life pass quickly and is too short to dwell on events making life miserable.
  • Their kids are in college and may have left home to start their own life and careers.
  • Men suddenly experience some not so pleasant body changes that could affect their ego.
  • They are more prone to explore other countries and cultures.
  • Are settled in their chosen careers and not so keen on making life changing decisions.
  • They realize that certain changes and events are inevitable and they have to deal with it as best they can.
  • They tend to start travel more and take up new sports or hobbies.
  • Prevent making long term debt and pay off certain commitments as quickly as possible.
  • Is more exposed to new technological advances that they find more difficult to master.
  • Start to appreciate friends and relatives more as they get older.

Whatever your views about turning 40 may be, it is an exciting event and this is the age where people start enjoying life a lot more.