The joys of an over 40 parent


The decision to have a child for older parents is more of a choice than an expectation or an obligation. And contrary to most people’s belief, older parents can be great parents. Here are some reasons why some parents choice to have a child when they’re over 40.

All Grown Up

Older have seen it all and already had the time of their lives, that a child is a happy addition to the family. Unlike younger parents, they are more focused on parenting. Younger parents have the tendency to be distracted by their feeling of missing out on something great in life because of their child. Sometimes, they even resent the child because the child can tie them down and prevent them from having a “good time”. A research study showed that the more children younger parents have their satisfaction decreases but it is the opposite for older parents. They are more satisfied with more children.

Financially Secure

Since they’ve already worked enough to be stable in their profession, they are financially stable. They are also allowed flexible work schedules which give them more time to spend with their child. Their age actually is an advantage to their ability to be good providers for their child.

Stable in Relationships

Older parents can provide the child with constant and stable parental figures given the length of their marriage. Their stable long-term relationship is built on their ability to handle conflicts with proper communication, compromise and grace.

More in the Moment

Given the stability and security of their lives, older parents can devote more time to their child. Also, with their age they tend to appreciate life more, thus, they exert more effort to be in the moment with their child (missed opportunities is not a luxury they can afford). Older parents are less distracted, that’s why they can freely enjoy the time they spend with their child.

Entropy and Change at 40

You know the term entropy? It’s the state of deteriorating and I have also heard and read that it happens to everything in this world.

This thought, for me, is true. Everything deteriorates because nothing is constant this world but change. And no matter how advanced today’s technology is, everyone still dies and we cannot change that fact because as long as this earth is revolving and time is flowing, everything will grow old and everything will fade away which is a sign that everything else will just be replaced. This is how our world works.

But, despite this fact, it is still very possible for us to if not prevent it, “appear” to be enjoying it and not minding the fact that soon, being young will not be existent in our individual worlds.

When we reach the age of 40, that is when we notice a lot of changes and this is also where a lot of people tend to be insecure about a lot of things. And the major thing that people get insecure about is their age. However, I say that if you have already reached and exceeded the age of 40, you should spoil yourself and have fun. You should beautify yourself and shout to the world that yes, you have reached the age of 40 and you are still beautiful.

You should still dress fashionably, know about the latest trends and know how to wear them in a way that it would still suit your attitude, your status, and your career. Be sure to be able to make even the youngsters “Wow” because of your fashion sense. Wear make-up but be sure to make it subtle, and suit your occupation and personality. Read about the latest trends in music and outfits but never, ever forget what you truly love from your time. Also be sure to wear accessories to add accent into your taste and vibe and never forget to put your smile on.

Age is not just a number. It is a sign of our being able to survive this life and being able to go through all the difficulties. So, you should show the world that despite the fact that it views you as someone that is already old and has already been left out by the years, you are still beautiful despite all the struggles and the pain that you went through. Prove to the world that you are not afraid of fading away or being ugly because of your age. Show the world that you are happy because you reached that age, still being beautiful and fresh. There is no sense in feeling insecure since everyone else goes through and will go through that stage. It all depends upon how you handle yourself and how you think. Remember, everything that the mind thinks, the heart also does and so you become who you think you are. And that is a bad thing if you know that you are full of insecurities because you will remain insecure if you always think about insecurities and you will never be happy.

Watch what the actress Drew Barrymore has to say about turning 40.

Things to Consider for People Turning 40

The BIG 40 is considered by many to be the new 30. This important birthday is the official entry stage into maturity and the dreaded middle age. What is for many a depressive thought is also the start of a new exciting phase of our life. We are settled in our careers and family life, have more time and funds to explore new ideas and adventures, and feel like a new person. Many people have said, “Life begins at 40.”

To survive this new phase or our life we need to do certain things to ensure that we are fit and healthy to cope with this new cycle. When turning 40, the important things to consider are:

  • Start with a medical check-up. This is vital to prevent future health problems that will start manifesting itself from this age onwards.
  • Be more aware of heart disease and osteoporosis as it could impact on your quality of life.
  • Take stock of your life to see whether you are on track to reach your goals in life.
  • If changes need to be made in your lifestyle and career this is the final opportunity to do this without impacting too much on your goals.
  • Re-look at your diet and exercise routines. Take up a new sport that will give you the required exercise that is age specific.
  • This is probably a good time to start looking at supplements to ensure that your body is fed with the required minerals and energy producing supplements our bodies need.
  • Children are starting to go to college or get involved in their perspective career choices. The parents are now faced with the dreaded empty nest syndrome.
  • Looks and bodies are starting to experience some drastic changes. When reaching 40 one must accept these changes and adapt your life style to accommodate the changes.

Can we survive the BIG 40, yes, with accepting that we get older and wiser it is the start of a whole new life.

Random Thoughts on Turning 40

Turning 40 is in many countries a big event in the life of a person. It is celebrated more than any other birthday and is also the event that invite the most unique and creative thoughts of the event organizer. Some say it is because it marks the age approaching midlife of the average person.

Most people will therefore have some memorable recollection of this specific birthday party, more than any other previous parties. On turning 40 people are considered to have attained most of their life goals or are firmly on the way to achieving them. Kids are approaching their late teens or early adulthood and parents are starting to have more enjoyment out of their life style.

There are many thoughts that go through the minds of the person having the BIG 40 event. Some thoughts may be the following:

  • They are realizing that life pass quickly and is too short to dwell on events making life miserable.
  • Their kids are in college and may have left home to start their own life and careers.
  • Men suddenly experience some not so pleasant body changes that could affect their ego.
  • They are more prone to explore other countries and cultures.
  • Are settled in their chosen careers and not so keen on making life changing decisions.
  • They realize that certain changes and events are inevitable and they have to deal with it as best they can.
  • They tend to start travel more and take up new sports or hobbies.
  • Prevent making long term debt and pay off certain commitments as quickly as possible.
  • Is more exposed to new technological advances that they find more difficult to master.
  • Start to appreciate friends and relatives more as they get older.

Whatever your views about turning 40 may be, it is an exciting event and this is the age where people start enjoying life a lot more.

Facts About Turning 40

Your personal integrity should be protected at all costs throughout your life and must never be compromised. Whether in your business life or in your personal life it is sacred and something we all need to protect. To achieve this goal may not be as easy or difficult as one would initially think. On turning 40, we need to listen to our bodies and understand what the body needs to function properly and effective. Make changes in your life at a regular basis to ensure that you don’t become bored with life in general.

To get more passion and enjoyment out of life we must try out new things and experiences. Yes, we may fail, but that is part of the process. Humans are designed to venture into new areas, sometimes the unknown and scary areas of life. However pushing your personal limits is good for the soul. If you fail, try something different. Failure is the way people grow personally and the lessons learned are the building blocks for future successes. After failing at a specific task the person should consider this to be school fees paid to make them more experienced in life. Move on as soon as possible from a failed event and don’t dwell on it for too long. Crying over spilled milk has never been a good idea.

When you have discovered your specific strengths the best way is to use it for your best advantage and use then in any venture. Using specific talents is a great way to ensure success. Dreams are another important part of our life. Dream as big as you can to achieve the optimum results. Even if you fail partly using a big dam this could yield better results as not having dreams.

Changes and dreams are the building blocks on which successful people thrive and achieve spectacular results.

What No One Tells You About Turning 40

Reaching the mystical age of 40 is a big turning point for many people. They are freer to take decisions that will improve their life. They take these decisions based on what is good for them personally and not what is expected from them by society. They do the things that are right and fitting for them. When turning 40, this raises a number of issues to address:

  • What will make you as a person happy?
  • What goals and avenues should you pursue?
  • What effects will this have on your life?
  • Are you making decisions based on what you should do or want to do?

Taming the inner critic in you is important to achieve. This is that little voice deep inside you that will always criticize you and tell you that you are doing things the wrong way. In some cases this little voice can assist you in making the right decisions but mostly it is your biggest critic in life. When you reach the BIG 40 you are confident enough to make this voice quiet and not rule your life. You may want it to just tone down a few notches to allow you more freedom of decision. Still having it in the background could serve a purpose.

ideas for 40th birthdayReaching 40 makes many people rely more on their gut feel. This sense is under developed in many people but those who mastered this report some spectacular results. A gut feel or instinct will tell you if something is not right and should never be ignored.

Age 40 also makes people realize that life should not be taken that seriously. By silly at times and enjoy the offerings available to you.

Life is too short to be miserable. Enjoy life to the full and having reaching this magic age may just be the right time to do it.