Entropy and Change at 40

You know the term entropy? It’s the state of deteriorating and I have also heard and read that it happens to everything in this world.

This thought, for me, is true. Everything deteriorates because nothing is constant this world but change. And no matter how advanced today’s technology is, everyone still dies and we cannot change that fact because as long as this earth is revolving and time is flowing, everything will grow old and everything will fade away which is a sign that everything else will just be replaced. This is how our world works.

But, despite this fact, it is still very possible for us to if not prevent it, “appear” to be enjoying it and not minding the fact that soon, being young will not be existent in our individual worlds.

When we reach the age of 40, that is when we notice a lot of changes and this is also where a lot of people tend to be insecure about a lot of things. And the major thing that people get insecure about is their age. However, I say that if you have already reached and exceeded the age of 40, you should spoil yourself and have fun. You should beautify yourself and shout to the world that yes, you have reached the age of 40 and you are still beautiful.

You should still dress fashionably, know about the latest trends and know how to wear them in a way that it would still suit your attitude, your status, and your career. Be sure to be able to make even the youngsters “Wow” because of your fashion sense. Wear make-up but be sure to make it subtle, and suit your occupation and personality. Read about the latest trends in music and outfits but never, ever forget what you truly love from your time. Also be sure to wear accessories to add accent into your taste and vibe and never forget to put your smile on.

Age is not just a number. It is a sign of our being able to survive this life and being able to go through all the difficulties. So, you should show the world that despite the fact that it views you as someone that is already old and has already been left out by the years, you are still beautiful despite all the struggles and the pain that you went through. Prove to the world that you are not afraid of fading away or being ugly because of your age. Show the world that you are happy because you reached that age, still being beautiful and fresh. There is no sense in feeling insecure since everyone else goes through and will go through that stage. It all depends upon how you handle yourself and how you think. Remember, everything that the mind thinks, the heart also does and so you become who you think you are. And that is a bad thing if you know that you are full of insecurities because you will remain insecure if you always think about insecurities and you will never be happy.

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