A celebration for your 40th birthday

A celebration for your 40th birthday


Contrary to popular belief, turning 40 is something you should not dread. In fact, it’s worthy of a celebration for the precious life you’ve been blessed with. You may have a few more lines on your face but at least, your bank account has a few more zeroes too.  All these only mean one thing: PARTY!

Back in your younger years, your parents spent for the party and invited most of the guests. But now that you have the money for it, you can choose the way you celebrate your party and invite those you are fond of. At this stage of your life, the friends you’re surrounded with are those who have proven their worth over the years as you weathered storms of life together.

When you’re 40, you’ve got less to prove and more to be proud of. The fun in your 50th birthday bash is something that you will really enjoy. Just give the younger guests time to warm up. They might just feel obliged at first and seem uninterested, but once the music starts and the dance floor gets packed with all your friends dancing their heart out, these youngsters will soon join in the fun of your party.

Some people choose to celebrate their 40th year with a monthly event for a whole year.  Monthly birthday activities may include but not limited to beauty treatments, mini-concerts or diving. While others, on the other hand, tend to stick to a more traditional party, where they throw a one-time birthday.

Remember, the key to celebrating your 40th birthday is to make it a celebration of “YOU”. It does not matter where you celebrate the party or who shows up, as long as it reflects the life you lead and the happiness with you, then the celebration is truly worth it.