Fashion at 40

Fashion at 40

They say that life begins at 40. For me this is true because for most of us, it is at this age that they realize the journey that they have been through and the value of still being alive and having been able to go through all those challenges. However, for some of us, this is the age that they dread. Why? Well, because for them, once you’re old, then you’re ugly because you won’t be able to wear nice outfits because of your age.

Now, this is not true. We can actually make the outfits look nice on us even when we are already 40 years and above. According to Sylvia:


  • Dress for your body type, both vertical and horizontal and choose clothes that flatter you and highlight your strengths.
  • Wear skirts at the right length, not too short, not too long
  • Get hip shoes; they can make even a boring outfit look great.
  • Wear darker, more fitted jeans.
  • Get hip spectacles that suit your face.
  • Don’t overdo the bling.
  • Show off your best parts, like your legs, bust or arms, but, dress modestly and don’t show too much cleavage.
  • Add color to your every-day wardrobe.
  • Wear the best possible bra and use shape wear to give your body the right structure.

She also gave out some tips on how to look great in jeans at that age.

  • Opt for a dark solid color.
  • White jeans also look great.
  • Heavily stone washed or bleached jeans often don’t look so good on older women.
  • It’s also best to avoid ripped jeans.
  • Make sure that the jeans don’t cut into your stomach area.
  • Do not show your stomach.
  • You shouldn’t have this problem if you’ve covered up your stomach and back area properly, but just to make sure, don’t show the g-string!
  • Flared jeans or wide legged jeans look great on many older women. It’s nice to wear high heels under them and ensure that the jeans have good length and almost touch the ground.
  • Skinny jeans or legging jeans will look great with tunics and longer tops.
  • Jeans will make you look younger so go easy on the rest of your outfit and your accessories. Best to keep it reasonably simple and classy.
  • Cropped jeans can look good too if you have a decent length. These usually look best when tapered and are best worn with heels.
  • As mentioned before, it’s best to dress up your look a bit while wearing jeans, so dressing in denim from head to toe is not recommended.
  • Boyfriend jeans are great for a casual vibe and are still very popular. You can also roll up your straight leg jeans.
  • Avoid really low rise cuts. Best to choose models with medium rise fitting. No mummy jeans please, as those look unflattering and will age you. Not Your daughter’s either. Jeans is very popular amongst 40+ women and so is Kut from the Cloth.
  • Avoid really baggy jeans. Boyfriend jeans, however, are popular and can look great for casual days.
  • Ensure that the jeans fit you well, and don’t go for jeans that are too tight. You need to be able to bend in them.
  • Don’t overdo the embellishments on jeans.