What No One Tells You About Turning 40

What No One Tells You About Turning 40

Reaching the mystical age of 40 is a big turning point for many people. They are freer to take decisions that will improve their life. They take these decisions based on what is good for them personally and not what is expected from them by society. They do the things that are right and fitting for them. When turning 40, this raises a number of issues to address:

  • What will make you as a person happy?
  • What goals and avenues should you pursue?
  • What effects will this have on your life?
  • Are you making decisions based on what you should do or want to do?

Taming the inner critic in you is important to achieve. This is that little voice deep inside you that will always criticize you and tell you that you are doing things the wrong way. In some cases this little voice can assist you in making the right decisions but mostly it is your biggest critic in life. When you reach the BIG 40 you are confident enough to make this voice quiet and not rule your life. You may want it to just tone down a few notches to allow you more freedom of decision. Still having it in the background could serve a purpose.

ideas for 40th birthdayReaching 40 makes many people rely more on their gut feel. This sense is under developed in many people but those who mastered this report some spectacular results. A gut feel or instinct will tell you if something is not right and should never be ignored.

Age 40 also makes people realize that life should not be taken that seriously. By silly at times and enjoy the offerings available to you.

Life is too short to be miserable. Enjoy life to the full and having reaching this magic age may just be the right time to do it.